The Corium Project

Described as „... an expressive display of tenderness and muscle.“ by and „highly recommanded -sehr zu empfehlen“ by, the debut CD „Chants To The Sea“ by The Corium Project formed around the austrian guitarist Ronny Wiesauer recieved some good interest by the international press. 

The Concept of "the Corium Project": Based on the famouse „El Decameron Negro“ by Leo Brouwer, Ronny Wiesauer splitted this classical masterpiece and fusioned it with his compositions for jazztrio.
Joined by Heinz Hasenauer on Double-bass and Klaus Sauli on drums, the trio searches for soundscapes, moods, musical interaction and inspiration.

2016 the trio gave their debut concert at the „Take The A-Train Jazz Festival“ and performed at numerouse events since then.

"Their sound can be described as acoustic jazz meets contemporary classical music, though Ronny Wiesauer isn´t shy to grab the electric guitar in order to send the listener on a musical journey „... going nowhere but deeper into self, a ride home“ as Mike Jurkovic from wrote in his recent review.

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