Austrian born guitarist Ronny Wiesauer is a innovative musician who has a broad range of music roots that he combines for his art.
Born in Austria, Wiesauer began playing guitar at a young age, starting with classical guitar and later in his teens exploring the world of rock and fusion as well.
After finishing school, he enrolled in Mozarteum Salzburg, where he studied classical guitar with worldwide renonwed guitarist Marco Tamayo. Also during this time, he got in touch with early music and the baroque hexachord technique under the guidance of Walter Ernst Haberl.

Recognizing the similarities between this baroque composition technique and contemporary jazz improvisation he devoted himself into building these bridges between these two genres.

After finishing Mozarteum with distinction he first moved to Berlin and later to Vienna. There he recorded his first classical solo CD „Music of The 19th century“ - a record that praise composers like A. Barrios, M. Giuliani and A. Diabelli.

2010 his second Album „Suite Breve“ - titled after a short suite for classical guitar written by Harold Granates - a Suite in modern colors and moods was published. This record, already focused on contemporary music within a jazz context by composers like above-mentioned H. Gramatges, Sergio Assad, Ralph Towner and Dusan Bogdanvic.

The continuing research on baroque composition theories resulted in his 3rd CD „Bach& Zamboni“ . This time on the Archlute - an Italian version of the baroque Lute, a record with baroque music by J.S. Bach and G. Zamboni.

Playing concerts and focusing on building a lively youtube-channel the following years he finally moved back to Salzburg and in 2016 the founded „The Corium Project“. A Trio with Heinz Hasenauer on doubleness and Klaus Sauli on Drums.

Their debut CD „Chants To The Sea“ features Ronny Wiesauer as a composer for the first time, combining the world of classical music and jazz. Based on the piece „El Decameron Negro“ by Leo Brouwer, Ronny Wiesauer wrote music corresponding to the pieces of Leo Brouwer for the trio and interweaved them seamlessly in Leo Brouwers monumental Work for classical guitar.

The Trio recieved very positive international reviews for this record from various magazines including the US guitar magazine „“I love these guys“ or german „ highly recommended“.

In 2019 Ronny Wiesauer released his first CD solely his own compositions. „Monologues“ is a CD written for classical guitar solo - compositions and improvised parts interact carefully. Pieces written mostly in a soft and tender tone. wrote: “Each piece of Monologues shows the same balance of assured calm and unobtrusive smarts. It adds up to an album full of pastoral beauty and thoughtful restraint, like a familiar trail always boasting its share of interesting and picturesque turns.“

Finally "All Yours" is  Ronny Wiesauer last release so far. The CD was published in July 2020. Mostly his own compositions are found on that CD. The latest reviews can be found here. 

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