Ronny Wiesauer is a guitarist with a professional classical background who is devoted to both worlds:  Jazz and classical music.

He was born in Austria. After playing guitar  since his early childhood, he studied classical guitar at the music university Mozarteum in the class of Marco Tamayo.

Instead of promoting his career as classical guitarist by attending to guitar competitons, he preferd to oppose this thinking and focused on developing a wide musical range as well on classical guitar as on electric guitar.

Introduced to the theory of „baroque hexachord composing technique“  and its affects to the music history, he immediatly was fascinated how close that hexachord technique was conneted to contemporary and improvised music, and he started to discover these invisible "bridges" between the music theory of baroque music and Jazz.

In 2006 he finally finished his classical studies at Mozarteum  with distinction and moved to Berlin to take time again to focus on his improvisation concept for classical guitar and to play in different formations and bands in the genre of classical music, rock and jazz.

In November 2010, back in Vienna/Austria he published the CD "Suite Breve" with music by S. Assad, D. Bogdanovic, R. Towner and H. Gramatges. A CD with music from the 20th century where his knowledge of improvised music and classical music came to one point.

A Year before, in December 2009,  he already release his Debut CD „Guitar Music of the 19th Century“  with music by Giuliani, Diabelli, Sor, Tarrega and Barrios.

In 2010 as a result due his research in baroque hexachord he also started to play the Lute and Archlute, and in 2012 he recorded his third CD „Bach & Zamboni“, the first one with the lute. 

In August 2011 he was asked to recording a piece at the Radiokulturhaus Wien together with classical guitarist Kostas Tosidis for the international well known Composer Marios Elia Jannou. This CD „Staubzucker“ was released in 2015.

2016 he founded the trio „The Corium Project“, which combines contemporary classical guitar music and material composed for trio by Ronny Wiesauer.  December 2016 they recorded their Debut CD „Chants To The Sea“ , which was released in August 2017. 



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