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Ronny Wiesauer is a highly acclaimed classical guitarist hailing from Austria. He honed his skills under the guidance of Professor Marco Tamayo at the prestigious Mozarteum. Ronny is known for his versatility and sophistication in blending classical music , jazz, and world music to create his unique style. He has been praised by the international press for his compositions, which manage to captivate and touch the listener. describes Ronny's music as "Sometimes catchy, more often subtle, and always with a direct channel to the heart." wrote about Ronny’s latest Album „September“ "Ronny Wiesauer proves himself here as an exceptional composer with his beautiful guitar tone and natural phrasing. This album proves that it is still possible to create something new, fresh, and enticing."

So far Ronny Wiesauer has released seven CDs featuring classical repertoire,  his original compositions, and he is also the mastermind behind The Corium Project, where he interweaves his own compositions for jazz trio with the classical piece "El Decameron negro“ by Leo Brouwer.