Anyone who knows the exceptional Viennese guitarist and his work knows that he moves like no other musician, intuitively and above all musically valuable between the worlds of (contemporary) classic and jazz. Wiesauer not only hovers between these spheres, but also combines them in his compositions with a light-footedness that is unparalleled.” - Alexander Kochman

Each piece of Monologues shows the same balance of assured calm and unobtrusive smarts. It adds up to an album full of pastoral beauty and thoughtful restraint, like a familiar trail always boasting its share of interesting and picturesque turns.” - Geno Thackara

they really exist, those moments of unspeakable beauty, and the guitarist Ronald "Ronny" Wiesauer adds such things to a whole series of pure happiness on his new CD” - Alexander Schmitz (Review All Yours) (11/20)

Although this album is at times restraint and meditative, the offerings are complex and impressively performed. Ronny Wiesauer's Monologues is an exceptional musical offering and hopefully will be followed by more music featuring this prestigious talent. This release is highly recommended for all listeners of classical, jazz and new age music. ” - James Scott